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About us

"Gospel Hall" is simply the name of the building. The Christians who meet together at this place are not affiliated with any denomination or religious organization.

Who are we?


Have you ever wondered about that little building on the corner of 45th & Tyne?



Today, we are a diverse group of people of all ages (less than 1 to more than 70 years old!) from all areas of the world, speaking a variety of languages. Our members speak English, Korean, Spanish, French, and Chinese.


Our roots in this area actually go all the way back to 1932 when we started as a Sunday School located on Kingsway. In 1953 we moved to our current location at 45th and Tyne and in 1966 began fully functioning as a church with weekly worship and gospel services. We continue as a small group of Christians from this area who simply try to follow what the Bible says and apply it to our lives and to how we function together. We model ourselves after what the Bible teaches us about the New Testament Church, and try to follow its pattern and simplicity.


What is a Gospel Hall?


"Hall" is a standard English word that denotes a building used for public gatherings. "Gospel" means "good news", and is a word used repeatedly in the Bible to describes its central message: the "good news" that God loves the world, and demonstrated that love by giving His Son, Jesus Christ, to a death on a cross in order to pay for the forgiveness of our sin. We use the name "Gospel Hall" as a way to describe accurately what happens in our building: we meet regularly in a public way to declare the gospel to everyone, and to show kindness and a welcome to the community of Carleton.


We’d love to have you visit us. You won’t find anything flashy or extravagant, just real people who love God, His Word and try to live it out daily. If you’re wondering about Christianity, eternity, and why you’re here on this earth, please come find out what the Bible says. We’d love to meet you and you will be warmly welcomed.







There are Christians here at Carleton Gospel Hall who speak your language. We would love to meet you, and share with you the good news from God in the Bible: 


"Peace with God through our

Lord Jesus Christ” 

Romans 5:1


Bienvenidos! Hay Cristianos aquí en esa iglesia quien pueden hablar tu idioma. Querríamos conocerles y compartir las buenas noticias de Dios en la Biblia: “ Romans 5:1 …tenemos paz para con Dios por medio de nuestro Señor Jesucristo” 


주님의  이름으로 환영합니다!
Carleton Gospel Hall 은 각 나라 사람 그리스도인들이 모여서 각 나라 말을 하면서 하나님의 기쁜 소식과 주의 사랑을성경 안에서 나누는 곳입니다. 
여러분들을  초대하고 따뜻한 사랑으로여러분을 기다리고 있겠습니다. 
“우리 주 예수 그리스도로 말미암아 하나님으로 더불어 화평을 누리자” (로마서 5:1)







Bienvenue à l’Assemblée Évangélique Carleton. Venez nous rencontrer et partager la bonne nouvelle de l’Evangile qui vient de Dieu et se trouve dans la bible:

《Nous avons la paix avec Dieu par notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ》

(Romains 5:1)

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